Welcome to the assessment page!  Using the assessment you can get a feel for which SIEF type you are (intensive or expansive) and where on the Intensity Scale you fall, giving you your SIEF score (1-10).



It will require an email address so I can send you results.

Your score should arrive within a couple of hours of when you complete the assessment.  If it does not, I may have hit my email quota for the day, in which case your score should arrive tomorrow.

Thank you especially to Trevor Peace who gave me the core of the necessary code, J. Opal Staudenmaier, Colin Beveridge who worked out the maths behind the code and gave me the spreadsheet calculations, and everyone else who helped or volunteered an opinion or looked at it or gave it a go.

Again, to take the full, 136 question, gives-you-a-number-on-the-ten-point-scale assessment, click here.


If you are in a hurry, you can take the much less detailed quiz that will just tell you whether you’re an intensive or an expansive.


To take the quick and dirty binary ten question quiz, click here.

And feel free to tell me what you think of your score!

I’ve had a few people tell me that the setup of the assessments was so foreign to them that they couldn’t even complete the assessment.  If this is you (a) you’re probably an expansive, based on previous conversations I’ve had (b) I am happy to do a phone assessment.  It will take between 30 and 60 minutes, and be billed at my usual rate, with the kind of personalized conversation you might expect in that setting.  Feel free to email me (my first name at my first name my last name dot com) or message me on facebook to set something up.

**this assessment has not been normed.  It represents my best guess. If you are a social scientist who wants to take it on as a project, please email me at assessment at this url.**