Parenting Intensives Support Pack

You’re one of the people I love.

I can tell, because you saw this graphic and cheered.


Here’s the truth of my story: I’m in this for you, and your kid, who was me.

I’m in this for you: I see your frustration, your stress, your exhaustion…mixed with pride and admiration and love for your kid.  You aren’t sure whether to cheer or cry when they do something so incredibly far from the beaten path.  They’re brilliant.  But they’re never just like the other kids.  They don’t seem to work according to the rules.  And you’re wiped out from guessing and running and guessing and running (and co-sleeping but it’s better than not sleeping, even at age 5 or 6 or 7) and you’re really tired of being judged by other parents, in-laws, and sometimes it feels like everyone else on the planet.

And I’m in this for your kid: I’m in it because your kid deserves to be seen and loved and understood and not stressed out all the time, and the world around your kid wasn’t built for kids like them.  And I want a better world for them, and better tools for them, and I want to de-escalate, create breathing room, and help them flourish.

When those kids grow up, they become people like me.  I have a stake in this that goes way beyond coaching and support and love.  My stake in this is about fixing a problem that I had as a kid, and lived to tell about it.

This is important.

What I’m offering you won’t fix everything.

But it will give you some tools, some worksheets, some insights.  It will give you some relief.  It will make your kid a little less of a mystery.  It will give you a window in.

And it will tell you, without a shadow of a doubt, that you are not alone.



  • 4 weeks of support on four topics:
    • discipline,
    • social skills,
    • big emotions,
    • autonomy vs. safety
  • messages start the Monday after you sign up and come on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • each email contains a short (500 words or less) text snippet to support you (based on material from You’re Not Too Much, available from Amazon and your indie bookseller via Ingram) relating to your kid and parenting strategies
  • twice a week there is also a short (5 minutes or less) audio link with related material
  • once a week you get two worksheets to help you apply the material from that week, in printer-friendly PDF form
  • all attachments are links you can click to download, and the text snippets are also attached as PDFs

You are encouraged to join the Facebook group for all parents of intensive kids (whether you buy the course or not)

Price: $35

You should know this was designed with your schedule in mind: 5 minutes or less for each little piece, delivered throughout the week so you don’t get swamped.

There’s one more thing: Truthfully, you can always ask me questions.  But if you’re familiar with this material, it will make it faster and easier for me to answer you.

Whether you buy this course or not, I want you to have company.  Here’s the link to the Facebook group I have for parents of intensive kids.  It’s free to join, just request an add: Parenting Intensive Kids

and here’s the course button again. $35 for four weeks of materials. Join us!