I love Patreon!  It’s a great way to invite people into the creative process.

What is Patreon?

It’s ongoing crowdfunding for ongoing projects.  So instead of Kickstarter–set a goal for a specific thing, raise pledges toward that goal, give rewards–it’s an ongoing pledge for a creative project that is also ongoing.

I keep having ideas that I can’t put in the book if I ever want it to be published–new ideas, new ways that things fit together, revisions of existing thoughts.  My Patreon offers you the chance to pledge to support my audio and video files with that material about intensives, expansives, and the Framework as a whole, and more broadly production of materials about intensives and expansives.   Most people pledge between one and five dollars per video/audio piece, and I aim for a few (around 4, some months more, some months less) per month.  You’re billed once a month, and can cap your monthly expenditures at any level.


If you’d like to hear my new thoughts as they unfold (instead of waiting for me to let them coalesce into another book) sign up here:

…and for as little as $1 per content post you can get links right to your inbox.