I haven’t even finished the whole thing yet (I’m at like 90-something %) and have already loaned it out. As well as applied some of the shit that I’ve learned from it to negotiate with expansives better while not compromising myself anymore, and also to explain myself to expansives in a way that doesn’t make them inadvertently feel persecuted. <3 LOVE this book.

–Delena Silverfox

This book gave me backache.

Okay, it didn’t, but I read the entire thing in one sitting and then sat for a bit thinking about the ideas in it and the three people I most need to share it with and then re-evaluating my relationship with my parents and the conversation I will have with A about it and also adjusting my mental picture of what to look for in a new partner and also why I’m having so much trouble with this one logistical issue and…

…and if know those feels, you should read this book. You will feel infinitely better at the end, even if you do have backache.

You wonderful woman, you’ve got so much juicy nourishing stuff in here, it’s like a berry orchard for my spirit.

–Catherine Caine, Australia
The Sinha Intensive/Expansive Framework has radically shifted how I understand myself, and those around me. Qualities and behaviors I used to perceive as flaws (in both myself and in others), I now see as valid ways of existing in the world.
This framework will build bridges and empathy between wildly different people – and I can’t think of anything the world needs more of than that.
–Alison Traina, Bay Area, California
Leela’s insights about intensives and how we work has revolutionized how I understand myself, my relationships, my weak points, and my strengths. I now approach situations with valuable new knowledge about myself, and this change has transformed both my love life and my career. Intensives, you are not alone! Leela will help you better understand yourself.
–Bristin Scalzo Jones, Ph.D. Student at UC Berkeley

People tell me this alla time.

from the moment i started reading the excerpts, i said ‘This is me. This is why all-the-things happened.

It’s taken me to nearly-fifty to learn to stop listening. Don’t let it take you so long to embrace your wonderfulness. Go, pounce this book from Leela Sinha and let her help you shine, just as you are. 🙂

–Birdy Diamond